Call for Application for PanAfGeo Trainings


TRAINING: WP4 – Environmental Management of Mines

  • PanAfGeo WP4 will organise altogether 6 training courses in Environmental Management of mines across Africa during 2017 – 2019. Preliminary three courses will be run in English, two in French, and one in Portuguese.

  • The first course in Senegal (French) was given in July 2017. The second course in Botswana (English) was held in November 2017.

  • The next training course will be in Tanzania 17th – 27th April 2018 (English).

  • Thereafter trainings are planned in Rwanda (French) September 2018, Nigeria (English) March 2019 and Mozambique (Portuguese) August 2019. However, these locations and dates have not yet been confirmed.

  • It is recommended that the applicants consider their language/country preferences when choosing to which of the courses to apply for.


17th – 27th April 2018  | Shinyanga region, Tanzania
Application deadline: 22nd February 2018


WHO CAN APPLY? Read the Charter for trainee

In order to be considered, applicants for the PanAfGeo Training Session entitled “WP4 – Environmental Management of Mines” must complete the documents listed hereafter (DOWNLOAD):

1- Applicant Form
2- Letter of Commitment
3- Letter of motivation

Please complete these documents and send them to WP4 Leader Berndt Pettersson (SGU) and WP4 Trainer Mattias Fackel (SGU)