Call for Application for PanAfGeo Trainings

TRAINING: WP7-A – Geoscientific Information Management / Database management, handling of spatial data and GIS interface


PanAfGeo WP7 will organise altogether nine (9) training sessions in Geoscientific Information Management across Africa during 2017-2019. The WP7 training scheme proposes three (3) independent modules:


o WP7-A: Database management, handling of spatial data and GIS interface;
o WP7-B: Spatial data infrastructure – Data modelling – Interoperability standards – Data dissemination;
o WP7-C: Multilayer 3D geological modelling using dedicated geoscience software


Sessions will be run in English, in French, and one in Portuguese (WP7-A only) depending on the number of Portuguese speaking applicants.

The second session of module WP7-A will be delivered in French in Burkina Faso. The third one (2019) will be in English or Portuguese (location to be confirmed).

It is recommended that the applicants consider their language/country preferences when choosing to which training session to apply for.


11-22 June 2018 | Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
Application is now closed


WHO CAN APPLY? Read the Charter for Trainee

In order to be considered, applicants for the PanAfGeo Training Session entitled “WP7-A Database management, handling of spatial data and GIS interface” must complete the documents listed hereafter (DOWNLOAD):

1- Applicant Form
2- Letter of Commitment
3- Letter of Motivation

Please complete these documents and send them to WP7 Leader Marc URVOIS (BRGM), WP7 Co-Leader Abdoulaye OUEDRAOGO (BUMIGEB) and WP7-A Training Module Leaders Philippe DANIELS and Rabha ELLOUZ (French Geological Survey).