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TRAINING: WP6 – Geoheritage


SECOND TRAINING: WP6 – Geoheritage

PanAfGeo WP6 will organize altogether five (5) training sessions on Geoheritage across Africa during 2017-2019. Three (3) sessions will be run in English, one (1) in French, and one (1) in Portuguese (depending on the number of Portuguese speaking applicants).

The second training of WP6 – Geoheritage will take place in Tanzania in mid-May 2018, and after this there will be three (3) more sessions to come in 2018 and 2019.

This second training will provide or increase the basic background knowledge and skills of African staff regarding the tasks of geological surveys in geoconservation.

The PanAfGeo WP6 Geoheritage training session is supported through funds of the European Commission. The following expenses will be covered for each trainee:

– Travel costs: flight and ground travel in Africa, according to the programme of the training.
– Lodging and joint meals during the training session.
– A daily training allowance of 30 euro.


SECOND TRAINING SESSION: 14-19 May 2018, at Dodoma, Tanzania

Application deadline: 20 March 2018

DOWNLOAD: Call for applications PanAfGeo – WP6 Geoheritage

In order to be considered, applicants for the PanAfGeo Training Session entitled “WP6 Geoheritage” must complete the documents listed hereafter:

Please complete these documents and send them by email to: Ms Furaha Anzuluni: and to WP6 Leader Enrique DÍAZ-MARTÍNEZ (IGME), WP6 Co-Leader Djimadoum NAMBATINGAR (S.G. du Tchad), and WP6 Deputy Co-Leader Ahmed BENLAKHDIM (DG-MEM, Maroc) before the application deadline of 20 March 2018.