Report of Geohazards training session WP5-1: Pretoria, 20 – 26 Nov 2017


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Work-Package 5 Geohazards

Session WP5 -1: Pretoria, South Africa

20 to 26 November 2017


Brief description of the course content and visited places

Over 70 applications were received and examined before the course and 34 were approved. However 2 trainees withdraw just before the course and 2 trainees did not arrive (due to problems of visa and health). Final list of trainees was 30 persons from 20 African countries (see attached list).

The training was performed by 9 trainers from European countries and two from Council for Geoscience, South Africa. Field instructors were: Souleymane Diop (Council for Geoscience), Mariette Liefferink (CEO: FEDERATION FOR A SUSTAINABLE ENVIRONMENT), Greg Heath and Lourens Hildebrand (Sibanye Stillwater).

The welcoming addresses at the opening ceremony were given by the CEO of Council for Giosciences Mr Mosa Mabuza, and WP5 leader Dr Jonas Satkunas.

During the course, lectures and presentations of case studies were given covering the following geohazards: landslides, geopollution, erosion/desertification, land subsidence, flooding, seismic and volcanic hazards (programme attached). A comprehensive overview of geohazards in South Africa was provided by Dr Souleymane Diop and Dr Henk Coetzee. During the seminar, case studies of geohazards of Ghana, Nigeria and other countries were discussed.

Feedback from all participants was received in the form of filled questionnaires and all responses were positive, with a number of suggestions and constructive remarks.

During the field exercises in Gauteng and Mpumalanga provinces, the geohazards and environmental problems related to geopollution due to gold mining, karstic sinkholes, acid mine drainage, underground combustion of coal and land subsidence were demonstrated and discussed, with particular attention to management of consequences.

All trainees were supplied with printed lecture materials and USB units with all course presentations and other materials. Attendance of the course was 100 percent and certificates of attendance were presented to all trainees. A social network PanAfGeo WP5 Geohazard (WhatsApp group) was formed by participants to exchange practical information, photos and documents.


Geohazards training course programme

Pretoria, 19-27 November 2017.

Venue, Council for Geoscience, 280 Pretoria Street, Silverton Pretoria 0184, South Africa

Coordinator of WP05 Dr. Jonas Satkunas, Lithuanian Geological Survey

Co-Coordinator from Council for Geoscience of Republic of South Africa – Dr Souleymane Diop

Participants of the PanAFGeo WP N5 Geohazards training course in the Republic of South Africa, Pretoria, November 20-26, 2017. Group photo taken by Jolanta Cyziene

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