WP F – Georesources Governance & OAGS/GSOs Institutional Strengthening


WP-F will specifically link the investments made in training the technical staff to the OAGS and Geological Surveys managers mandate.

The focus will, therefore, be on reinforcing the OAGS role as an organisation able to catalyse the African geoscientific institutions and intelligentia to influence decisions, generate consensus and facilitate informed decisions around the sustainable exploitation and use of African georesources. 

This overarching action will include:

  • Improving the effectiveness of OAGS, specifically the governing structure and its capacity to work as a hub for the provision of benefits to the members;
  • Strengthening the recognition of the role of OAGS among the continental and international circles (AU, academia, UN bodies, etc.);
  • Training on general management and on governance of georesources, with specific connection to the progress of the other PanAfGeo-2 work-packages;
  • Reinforcing the individual collaborations between EU and African Surveys;
  • Expanding the institutional relations among EC services (e.g. DG-GROW, JRC, DG-ENV) and PanAfGeo to maximise the benefits of the project;
  • Facilitating cooperation for levelling up competences and capacities of African Geological Surveys across the whole continent;
  • Working on tools and skills to improve transparency of Geological Surveys role and mandate, and their external relations activities;
  • Linking to private sector associations, NGOs and development and financing institutions for increasing sustainable trade, transparency and traceability, and encouraging institutional reforms.


A key goal of WP-F will be to guarantee the sustainability of the project by establishing permanent links and synergies between OAGS and the African Geological Surveys and the other players, in particular the European Geological Surveys and institutions.

WP-F will mainly operate in connection to the OAGS General Meetings and will be based on the institutional role of key European PanAfGeo project partners: BRGM (PanAfGeo-2 Coordinator), EGS Presidency, and EGS Secretariat.

 Guidance and guidelines will be provided on the main results and implications of the actions implemented by PanAfGeo-2, as well as on possible future perspectives on Georesources Governance and OAGS/GSOs Institutional Strengthening.

WP-F is led by ISPRA (Italy) in close cooperation with GeoZS (Slovenia), BRGM (France), PGI (Poland) and EGS and with the assistance of African Geological Surveys.

 WP-F aims to fulfil the overall objective of the Action, especially by,

  • national, regional and continental support to policy-making and planning processes for mineral resources, and in a broader extent.
  • governance of their institutions.
  • making operational governance and dissemination tools for natural resources related to policy sectors.

Luca Demicheli
Italian Institute for Environmental Protection and Research (ISPRA)