Read testimonials from across the PanAfGeo community.

“The PanAfGeo-2 Training offers substantial benefits, particularly in enhancing the communication skills of geoscientists. Equipping geoscientists with effective communication skills enables them to convey their message clearly and engage with various stakeholders. Geoscience research has an impact on society, thus, it's imperative that we enhance our skills to make our work more meaningful and impactful. This, in turn, can demonstrate to policymakers the significance of our work, potentially leading to increased funding for future exploration and data analysis efforts. Ultimately, our goal is to ensure sustainable practices for the benefit of future generations.”
Josephine Unshona
Senior Geoscientist,
Geological Survey of Namibia
“I am very delighted to participate in the Geoscience Communications Training Session (WPH) - some of our geoscientist colleagues struggle with communication, and working with communication professionals will help us guide them in crafting effective messages. Understanding the importance of clear visuals like graphs and images is key to showcasing the results of their hard work to the public in a simple and understandable way. Often, other training sessions focus more on theory than practical applications, so I'm impressed by the practical cases presented here. They allow us to learn from colleagues across countries and share valuable experiences.”
Alvine Mireille Dogoua Zeri Epse Bayokolack
Communications Officer, The National Mining Corporation (SONAMINES) Cameroon
“Participating in PanAfGeo's Geoheritage (WPD) workshop was a transformative experience. I gained a deeper understanding of Geoheritage, Geotourism, and Geoconservation, vital for promoting geoscience in Ghana. Equipped with new tools and knowledge, I am now working towards conserving Ghana's Geosites and achieving UNESCO Global Geopark status. The workshop also connected me with a passionate network of Geoscientists, forming lasting bonds. I extend my gratitude to PanAfGeo, EuroGeoSurveys, UNESCO, and all sponsors for this opportunity.”
Marian Selorm Sapah
Senior Lecturer, Department of Earth Science, University of Ghana
“As a Communication Officer at the National Geological Survey of Senegal, I've found that connecting with colleagues from different nations is incredibly enriching. It's not just about sharing expertise and best practices; it's about fostering meaningful collaborations that propel our work in the field of geosciences forward. These interactions not only broaden our knowledge but also lay the groundwork for future advancements and discoveries. Together, we're building a stronger and more interconnected global community in pursuit of scientific excellence.”
Fatoumata Dramé
Communication Officer at the National Geological Survey of Senegal
“Sharing knowledge is key to its value. It was a great pleasure to share what I learned during the PanAfGeo Project Phase-2 training on communication with my colleagues from the Geological Office of the Comoros. Let's keep encouraging these exchanges so we can turn our knowledge into real results.”
Saltouna M’madi Toilihata
Communication Officer of the Geothermal Project
in Comoro
“Sharing knowledge is key to its value. It was a great pleasure to share what I learned during the PanAfGeo Project Phase-2 training on communication with my colleagues from the Geological Office of the Comoros. Let's keep encouraging these exchanges so we can turn our knowledge into real results.”
Catherine Ghyoot
International Aid / Cooperation Officer at European Commission
“The presence and involvement of diverse delegations in the PanAfGeo Project underscore its significance within the Africa-EU Partnership. This scientific cooperation serves as a beacon for development and collaboration between the continents,. It not only enhances current cooperation but also lays the foundation for future Africa-EU endeavours, aligning with high-level policy dialogues on the green transition. The PanAfGeo Project also stands as a witness to the fruitful collaboration between South Africa and the EU, paving the way for impactful initiatives that benefit both.”
Rasa Jautakaite-Tunaitiene
Delegation of the European Union to South
“PanAfGeo is a transformative initiative that embodies our collective commitment to advancing geoscience across Africa. Through this project, we are not only promoting professional development but also fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing among geoscientists continent-wide. As President of the Organisation of African Geological Surveys (OAGS), I am proud to witness the impact of PanAfGeo in shaping the future of our field. Its success is a testament to the power of partnership and the potential for geoscience to drive sustainable development across Africa and beyond.”
Rokhaya Samba Diene
President of OAGS
“In the context of Africa-EU cooperation, mineral resources play a pivotal role. The African Union's establishment of the African Mineral and Energy Resources Classification and Management System and a Pan- African Reporting Code (AMREC-PARC) within the framework of Africa Mining Vision (AMV) further underscores this significance. PanAfGeo has notably increased interest in the sector, and I am pleased to see that the training sessions offered have the potential to transform beneficiaries into job creators. It is my hope that those who have acquired these skills will share their knowledge and expertise with others in our communities, empowering them to succeed and creating a ripple effect of positive impact. By paying it forward, we will be able to build a more supportive and inclusive community where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.”
Frank Mugyenyi
Minerals Africa Development Institution (MADI)
“PanAfGeo represents a transformative leap forward in African geoscience expertise, fostering a continent-wide network that transcends borders and continents. This unparalleled training programme has not only equipped African Geological Surveys with essential skills but has also established vital partnerships between Africa and the EU in geosciences and raw materials. As we evolve, PanAfGeo continues to strengthen institutional partnerships, empower policy-making processes, and drive economic collaborations across value chains. Its significance rests not only in advancing geosciences but also in addressing the societal need for sustainable management of geological resources. In a world facing complex challenges, PanAfGeo stands as a symbol of cooperation and progress, pointing towards a brighter future for all involved.”
Jean-Claude Guillaneau
PanAfGeo Project Coordinator