WP-B  –  Mineral Resources Assessment

Training sessions for mineral resources cover several main topics:
  • Assessment and evaluation of ore, industrial minerals and construction materials potential, including mineral resources inventory, innovative exploration methodologies and preliminary mineral resources characterisation, mineral reserves classification and evaluation of mineral deposits
  • Mineral Resources databases management: from the field to the computer
  • Sustainable management of mineral resources, including concepts like the circular economy and value chains
  • Promotion and marketing of the mineral resources importance and of its potential
  • Understanding of the international mining sector, with emphasis in the actual European context within the three pillars of the Raw Materials Initiative
  • The supporting role of Geological Surveys in mining sector
  • Ideally, each trainee will prepare and present a Return-to-Work project. The project would be the short-term (6-12 months) application of their newly acquired skills to an area of interest to their own Geological Survey e.g. preparing a field campaign in a greenfield area with field reconnaissance and a geochemical campaign in the country, an applied project for mining exploration to increase knowledge of a known mineral resource in the country, a proposal for a national resources/occurrences map based on the mineral resources inventory, etc
WP-B aims to fulfil the overall and specific objectives by:
  • Enhancing the skills and knowledge of African Geological Surveys staff in mineral resources and giving them guidelines in order to accurately assess mineral raw materials and provide information to stakeholders, clients and wider society
  • Developing case studies, a field visit to a deposit/quarry and training materials giving guidelines for mineral exploration
  • Providing opportunities for dialogue and networking between all participants, trainees and trainers, Europeans and Africans, building relationships at individual, national and continental levels

WP-B is led by LNEG (Portugal) in close cooperation with GeoZS (Slovenia), PGI (Poland) and with technical and scientific assistance of African Geological Surveys


Maria João Batista
Geological Survey of Portugal (LNEG)