WP H – Communication, Dissemination and Dialogue


The aim of WP-H is effective communication and dissemination on the project results and outcomes.

The WP-H would also deal with the dialogue between OAGS-EGS and this cooperation will:

  • Promote close cooperation and consultation on matters of common interest to upgrade the existing level within each organisation thereby improve the governance of OAGS and EGS;
  • Contribute to the economic and social development of EGS and OAGS members. The OAGS and EGS will contribute to further strengthen the OAGS association and would widen the cooperation prospects with the EGS members by sharing knowledge and expertise in the area of geosciences and mineral resources management.


Communication and dissemination

A tailored communication and dissemination strategy will be designed and implemented. The strategy will focus on,

  • Internal communication among the stakeholders involved in the project and project’s trainees;
  • Dissemination towards the external stakeholders.


All the promotional activities of WP-H will be carried out in close collaboration with the OAGS and the Coordination teams. The WP-H will support the activities of individual trainings of all projects’ work packages.

The stakeholders will be reached through the communication tools already established in PanAfGeo-1, namely the well-functioning website and social media channels. Furthermore, existing tools will be improved to meet the needs of the project participants (trainees) recognised in PanAfGeo-1.


The main goal of these targeted dialogue activities is to increase the visibility of PanAfGeo-2 action and create a communication network that raises awareness on the importance of sharing views on action issues. The visibility of the action is expected to increase and reinforce the broader visibility and importance of the OAGS. The key actions to achieve the dialogue goals of OAGS-EGS long-term strategic cooperation are,

  • Improving the organisational effectiveness of OAGS;
  • Organising seminars and meetings back-to-back with key events related to Pan-African organisations.


Furthermore, special attention will be given to increasing interaction with other projects, programmes and initiatives in Africa. The continuation of PanAfGeo-1 will be guaranteed by WP-H especially through the implementation of the related content agreed in the MoU between OAGS and EGS. Indeed, the parties had decided to further strengthen cooperation that would help promote investment and establishment of greater public and government understanding of the strategic importance of Geological Surveys.

WP-H is led by EGS with the technical assistance of OAGS Secretariat.

WP-H aims to fulfil the overall objective of the Action, especially by disseminating all results and inputs coming from the different technical and scientific WPs.

All communication actions on PanAfGeo-2 will comply with the rules of the Communication and Visibility Manual for EU external actions specified and published by the European Commission at https://ec.europa.eu/international-partnerships/comm-visibility-requirements_en


Krishnan Subramani Ramakrishnan
EuroGeoSurveys (EGS)