WP G – Geoscientific Information Management

Training Sessions for geoscientific information management will:
  • Help African Geological Surveys fulfil their missions in terms of collecting, storing & managing, valorising and ensuring availability of reliable georeferenced data 
  • Ensure African Geological Surveys can assist their governments to make well-informed decisions and negotiate sustainable mineral development contracts with local and foreign investors
  • Improve the operational capabilities of staff employed by African Geological Surveys in the field of geoscience information management and related information technologies
  • Enable a newly skilled workforce to design and set up or further develop national geological and mineral information systems
  • Be offered at an advanced level for previous PanAfGeo1 trainees and at a basic level for newcomers to PanAfGeo2
  • Strengthen and support the informal networks created by the PanAfGeo1 sessions as the basis of a new South-South cooperation community of geoscientific data managers
  • Comprise six training sessions including basic and advanced levels:
  1.      Database management, handling of spatial data and GIS interface (Levels 1 and 2, in English)
  2.      Spatial data infrastructure – Interoperability standards – Data dissemination (Levels 1 and 2, in           English)
  3.      Database management, handling of spatial data and GIS interface (in French)
  4.      Database management, handling of spatial data and GIS interface (Level 1, in Portuguese)
  5.      Spatial data infrastructure – Interoperability standards – Data dissemination (Level 1, in                       Portuguese)
  6.      Geological data management and multilayer 3D geological modelling using dedicated                       geoscience software (in French)
WP-G aims to fulfil the overall and specific objectives by:
  • Indirectly contributing to a more sustainable management of natural resources thanks to rigorous and sustainable management of geoscientific information
  • Ensuring sustainable access to and use of comprehensive geoscientific information that improves relevant institutions
  • Ensuring activities related to SDI by including IT trainings dealing with interoperability, database management, data modelling, etc
  • Providing IT equipment for WP-A to each training participant
  • Providing opportunities for dialogue and networking between all participants, trainees and trainers, Europeans and Africans, building relationships at individual, national and continental levels


WP-G is led by BRGM (France) in close cooperation with GeoZS (Slovenia), GEUS (Denmark and Greenland), and LNEG (Portugal), and with the technical and scientific assistance of African Geological Surveys


Marc Urvois
Geological Survey of France (BRGM)