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Discover more about the PanAfGeo Project in the video library. Find out about the different training sessions, meeting presentations, and much more.

PanAfGeo-2 – The Second Phase of the PanAfGeo Project begins  – Official Teaser

WP-D Geoheritage – Pointe Noire, Republic of the Congo (13-18 Jun 2022)

WP-G Gestão de Informação Geocientífica – São Tomé e Príncipe (7-18 Nov 2022)

WP-B Avaliação do Potencial em Recursos Minerais – Lubango, Angola (20-30 Nov 2022)

WP-H Communication, Dissemination & Dialogue – Cape Town, South Africa (10 Feb 2023)

WP-C Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining – Douala (13-16 Mar 2023) – H.E. Philippe Van Damme

H.E. Mr Albert Muchanga, Commissioner for Trade & Industry, African Union highlights PanAfGeo