African Union Ministerial Summit

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The PanAfGeo team which is present at the African Union Ministerial Summit happening in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia had a meeting with the Commissioner of Trade and Industry of the African Union, Mr. Albert Muchanga. The commissioner recognized the great success of the PanAfGeo project by emphasizing the aspect of the trainees who are coming from more than 43 African countries!

The PanAfGeo team members who were present during the meeting are,

  • Mr. Frank Dixon Mugyenyi (African Union),
  • Mr. Felix Toteu (President of the Advisory Board of the PanAfGeo),
  • Mr. Jean Claude Guillaneau (Coordinator, BRGM),
  • Mr. Isaac Okorie (OAGS),
  • Ms. Céline Andrien (EGS)

Click here to view and download the pictures.

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