Media Release | The PanAfGeo training – Environmental Management of Mines takes place in Abuja, Nigeria this April

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Abuja, NIGERIA 1-12 April 2019

Abuja, 04 April 2019

« Environmental Management of Mines », the fifth session of the 12 days training programme as part of the PanAfGeo WP4 holds in Abuja (Nigeria) from the 1st to 12th April 2019.
Group photo of participants and trainers 12 countries, 24 professionals from Nigeria, Niger, South Africa, Liberia, Sierra-Leone, Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo, Burkina Faso, Sudan, South-Sudan, Cameroon and Madagascar. The training is co-organized by the Geological Survey of Sweden (SGU) and the Nigerian Geological Survey Agency (NGSA). The call for application for the training received more than 90 applications from staff of African geological surveys and mines departments. The selected candidates for the training represent several organizational units from the geological surveys to which they belong, and they have expertise including environmental specialists, mines inspectors, mining engineers and geologists.

The sessions are led by a team of professionals from Sweden, Denmark and Nigeria. Dr. John Tychsen,
(Denmark), Jonathan Hamisi and Pontus Westrin (Sweden) and Patrick Ojeka (Director of ASM
department, Nigeria).

Seminars on geosciences and environmental management of mines are combined to group discussions
and exercises. The main topic of the training focus on subject that are directly relevant during day to day
activity at work within geological surveys. How is environmental management part of the day-to-day work
of the participants? What are the opportunities and challenges? What legal frameworks, organizations,
collaborations and interactions are available or could be developed? All participants present their
organizations and a national review of environmental mine management in their respective countries.
Participants will assess environmental risks, management practices and organizational challenges.
Participants will analyze and illustrate the legal framework, organization and interactions of environmental
mine management in their country. Several examples of ongoing and closed mining projects will be
presented. Examples of rehabilitation, mine closures, public participation and stakeholder interaction in
mining projects will be assessed and discussed. The seminars, group exercises, field visits and discussions
will then be merged into a plan of action that each participant should take as a report message in their
respective geological department.

Some of the topics include:
▪ The regional legal framework,
▪ Rehabilitation and closure of mines,
▪ Assessment of the environmental impact of mining activities,
▪ Small-scale mining and the environment,
▪ Acid Mine Drainage and Waste Management,
▪ Hydrogeology, water and mines,
▪ Mercury and cyanide in gold mines,
▪ Public participation, sustainability and post-mining projects.

Click here to read the full media release on the Environmental Management of Mines


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