Interview of the PanAfGeo WP6 – Geoheritage leader in the Spanish global radio broadcasting channel


Significant media coverage for the PanAfGeo project through the interview of WP6 – Geoheritage leader, Dr Enrique Díaz-Martínez of Geological Survey of Spain-Instituto Geológico de España (IGME).

The programme Africa Hoy (Africa Today) of Radio Exterior (Spanish global radio broadcasting channel) interviewed Dr. Enrique Díaz-Martínez  during their daily broadcast to talk about PanAfGeo and the latest sessions of WP6 on geoheritage.

The discussion also included the objectives and results of the PanAfGeo project, as well as comments on the need for improvement of governance in some African geological surveys.

Link to the web of the radio programme:

Direct link to the interview (podcast):

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