Contribution of the Delegation of Togo to the UNESCO Executive Board Session

2022-04-08 10_41_32-214th session of the Executive Board.

Prof. Komlavi Francisco SEDDOH, Representative of TOGO on the Executive Board of UNESCO commended the role played by UNESCO in the field of earth science education in Africa in partnership with the PanAfGeo Project as well as its contribution to the implementation of the African mining vision in collaboration with the African Center of the African Union Commission during the plenary meeting of the UNESCO Executive Board’s 214th session on April 4-5 in Paris, France.

Prof. Seddoh further emphasized that his Delegation would be happy to have more information on this initiative and how it relates to the Geology Departments of African Universities.

Read the full speech (in French) of Prof. Seddoh, here (PDF).

Photo credits: Cyril Bailleul

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