PanAfGeo Workshop on ASM in Central, Eastern, and Northern Africa Enhances Sustainable Mining Practices


The PanAfGeo Project, in partnership with the Geological Survey of Cameroon, recently hosted a four-day workshop in Douala to promote knowledge sharing and best practices for artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) in Central, Eastern, and Northern Africa. The workshop, which took place from March 13th to 16th, brought together over 40 participants and co-trainers from 16 French-speaking countries.

During the workshop, each participating country delivered a presentation on ASM, while co-trainers provided expert presentations on important subjects related to the practice in Africa. The presentations were informative and insightful and will be used to develop the 3rd regional Handbook on ASM, which will be made available on the PanAfGeo website.

Attendees can access a soft copy of the handbook on the PanAfGeo website. The workshop was considered a great success, with attendees benefiting greatly from the expertise and knowledge shared. The initiative will go a long way in enhancing sustainable ASM practices in the region, while also improving the lives and livelihoods of those engaged in the sector.

The workshop was also featured on the PanAfGeo Flickr account, where pictures from the training session are available, click here.

Additionally, the PanAfGeo YouTube channel has videos from the WPC session of Philippe VAN DAMME (Head of the European Union Delegation in Yaoundé), along with interviews with attendees, providing further insights into the workshop’s proceedings. To view the preface of Philippe VAN DAMME, click here (PDF in French).

Overall, the workshop represents a significant step towards improving sustainable ASM practices in Central, Eastern, and Northern Africa, and promoting a better understanding of the sector’s importance in the region’s economic development.

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