PanAfGeo Training on Geohazards & Environmental Management of Mines successfully held in Gabon

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The PanAfGeo project recently organized a training session on Geohazards and Environmental Management of Mines in Moanda, Gabon. The training, held from 27 March to 1 April 2023, was attended by 31 participants from 14 African countries. The training covered a range of important topics related to geohazards and environmental management in mining.

The training programme was coordinated by the WP-E leader Dr Jonas Satkunas and WP-E co-leader Dr Souleymane Diop, while Mrs Florence Tchoffo (Ministry of Mines, Industries and Technological Development, Republic of Cameroon) managed all logistic aspects. Mr Christian Boupassia, Director General Ecole des Mines et de la Metallurgie de Moanda (E3MG), undertook all logistical arrangements of the course and contributed with lectures and field guiding.

The training was performed in French and covered various topics such as slope stability measurements, geotechnical investigations, digital elevation modelling and aerial slope stability mapping. The trainees were satisfied with contents and materials of training, although some encountered logistical problems related to connection flights from Libreville to M‘Vengue and back.

The training also triggered a project to investigate the landslide of Mount Moanda, which aims to publish a scientific paper and demonstrate a pattern and model for aerial slope stability mapping applicable for Gabon. Further plans of technical cooperation between PanAfGeo WP-E team and E3MG were also discussed.

The training was of great interest to the School of Mine and Metallurgy in Moanda (E3MG) and the Ministry of Mines and Geology in Gabon. The PanAfGeo project is committed to improving geological knowledge and capacity building in Africa, and this training session is one of the many steps towards achieving this goal.

To read the full report of the training session (PDF), click here.

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