PGI-NRI Drives Geoscience Advancement in Africa: PanAfGeo Project Marks a Decade of Empowering African Geologists


In a decade-long commitment to fostering geological expertise in Africa, the Polish Geological Institute-National Research Institute (PGI-NRI) has played a pivotal role in the PanAfGeo project initiated by EuroGeoSurveys. Dr. Stanisław Wołkowicz, WP-D leader on the Polish side, highlighted the project’s evolution over the years, emphasizing its dedication to training courses for African geologists. The second phase of PanAfGeo, currently underway, focuses on diverse areas such as geodiversity conservation, geoheritage, and geothermal energy. PGI-NRI’s active involvement includes leading a working group on “New Frontiers in Geosciences: Geoheritage and Geothermal Energy,” conducting multiple training courses, and collaborating with European and African partners.

Dr. Wołkowicz shed light on the challenges faced by African geologists, citing issues like a shortage of trained personnel, high turnover rates, and inadequate laboratory infrastructure. Despite these challenges, the PanAfGeo project has successfully trained over a thousand African geologists from nearly 50 countries in its first phase, with the second phase aiming to further expand its impact.

Check out the full interview, here.

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