Media Coverage for the Field Geoscientific Mapping Training Session in Uganda


The recent Field Geoscientific Mapping training session held in Entebbe and Kabale areas of Uganda from 27th February to 26th March 2024 has garnered significant attention from both local and international media outlets.

During the intensive month-long session, 25 dedicated trainees from 11 African countries immersed themselves in learning advanced techniques in geoscientific mapping. Their commitment and enthusiasm underscore the importance of fostering expertise in this critical field.

At the official closing session, the state minister for Energy and Mineral Development, Dr. Peter Lokeris, stated that having a geoscientific database proving the existence of mineral deposits in Africa will attract potential investors. He also lauded the PanAfGeo project for its instrumental role in promoting intracontinental cooperation among African nations and facilitating knowledge exchange between Africa and the EU.

Video coverage by the NTV Uganda: Geo-African surveyors advocate for an African investment in mineral exploration

The training session pictures are available here:

View the online news reports here:

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