TRAINING // WP G – Gestão de Informação Geocientífica

Praia, Cabo Verde

Convite à Apresentação de Candidaturas: A chamada para candidatura está encerrada! Descarregue o documento do Convite à Apresentação de Candidaturas > AQUI < Estão abertas as candidaturas para a próxima Sessão de Formação do WP-G ” Gestão de Informação Geocientífica” Esta próxima formação irá ser ministrada em Praia, Cabo Verde, entre os dias 22 de […]

TRAINING // WP D – New Frontiers in Geosciences (Geoheritage and Geothermal Energy)

Hoima – Lake Albert, Uganda

Call for Applications Download the Call for Application document > HERE < The call for the next WP-D – New Frontiers in Geosciences (Geoheritage and Geothermal Energy) training is now open. This upcoming training will take place in Hoima – Lake Albert, Uganda, 24-29 June 2024 (IN ENGLISH). This training is part of the WP-D […]

TRAINING // WP G – Gestion de l’Information Géoscientifique

Dakar, Senegal

Appel à candidatures Téléchargez l’Appel à candidatures > ICI < L’appel à candidatures pour la prochaine session de formation WP-G « Gestion de l’Information géoscientifique » / WPG6-FR « Modélisation géologique 3D multicouche par approche géostatistique » est maintenant ouvert. Cette formation se tiendra à Dakar, Sénégal, du 01 au 12 juillet 2024, en langue française. Dans […]

7th Annual Mining On Top Africa (MOTA) 2024

Paris, France

MOTA 2024 takes place on the 3 – 4 of July 2024 in the host city of Paris. The conference is a strategic forum for the Leading stakeholders across Europe to connect with mineral and metal exploration companies from Africa, to drive collaboration and partnerships for sustainable mining across the continent. The event will tackle […]

Final Meeting of the PanAfGeo-2 Project

Livingstone, Zambia

Save the date for the final meeting of the PanAfGeo-2 project! Join us in Livingstone, Zambia from 21 - 23 October 2024. PanAfGeo is an EU co-funded initiative that began in 2016, and is supported by the European Union and the African Union through the Africa-EU Partnership. The project allows trainees to acquire state-of-the-art tools, […]